World War II Canteens

World War II canteens are rare items, but they are more common compared to WWI canteens. That doesn't mean that WWII canteens are less desirable. Because of more variety in the selection, WWII canteens are very popular among the collectors. Thus the prices vary greatly.

To help you save money and time, we've put together the WWII canteen auction listings directly from eBay on this page. Use the following listings to find your treasure.

Auction Listings

Price Suggestions
If we look at the previously completed auction listings from eBay, we know that the Japanese WWII canteens are sold for top dollars. Let's look at the description of a Japanese canteen listing which was sold at $74.01 with 8 bids.

This is an Imperial Japanese Navy canteen with Japanese characters ID'ing it to a sailor by the name of HORIE. This is a variant used early in the war and was used by both Naval personnel as well as soldiers in the Japanese Special Naval Landing Force. As to which branch Mr. HORIE fought under, I do not know. The condition of the canteen is overall very good condition. The cover is quite solid as is the strap and cap. The metal tie string eyelets are corroding and a part of one eyelet (1 of 12) is missing. Also, the shoulder strap clip has some rust. Aside from a few stains on the cover, the canteen is in good shape and in nice, solid condition overall.

And the other ones were ended around $40-60 range.

The next popular WWII canteens are the US Army canteens. They are slightly cheaper than the Japanese canteens because of the ample supply. They are priced around $10 - $30 depends on the condition. The German Army canteens are also popular.

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