World War I Canteens

World War I canteens are very popular among the collectors, especially the ones in mint condition. One of the best ways to locate a vintage canteen is eBay. By using eBay, the world's biggest online auction source, you will be able to find a World War I canteen that you are looking for. The most common WWI antique canteens being sold online are US Army, German Army, British, and French canteens.

To help you save money and time, we've put together the WWI canteen auction listings directly from eBay on this page. Use the following listings to find your treasure.

Auction Listings

US $39.99
Sale ends in : 4h 43m

Price Suggestions
Let's take a look at some of the previous auctions to see how much people are willing to pay for the items. This is to help you from over-spending your money for antique canteens.

Recently at eBay, WWI US Army canteen was sold at $60 with 23 bids. Here is the auction description for that item.

Up for bid is a nice WW1 canteen, cup , and cover. Cover is nicely unit marked as you can see in the pics. Also under the left hand flap it is maker marked POWERS 3-18. Canteen is in nice shape with only a couple of small dings. It is marked US 1918 TJWBM Co. Also included is the cup which is marked US-1918-BA CO. The cup has been ID'd at one time with initials JEB. Also on the back of the cover there is the word Deutsel. Not sure if this is a name or what.

And on the same date, another US Army canteen was sold at $19.99 with 1 bid. Let's look at the description.

Here's another great vintage WWI canteen with its cover. Notice U.S. on canteen cover with crossed rifle's. 16th infantry. Inside cover is stamped Galvin 1917. Canteen is in excellent condition except for a few dents. Cap is connected with original chain. Markings on the back of canteen say U.S. A GM co 1918. Snaps and studs on cover are corrded but look ok, one of the snaps has torn away from the cover, should be repairable. This is very cool, and remarkably in good condition for being 90 years old.

So what made the price difference between these two items when they are almost identical? I think it has to do with where the auctions were posted. The one with $60 price was listed in Collectibles > Militaria > WW I (1914-18) > Original Period Items > United States > Personal, Field Gear while the other one was posted in Collectibles > Militaria > Militaria (Date Unknown) > Army.

When you search for a WWI canteen, try to search other categories as well. You might be able to save a ton of money by searching in many places. If you are a seller, consider listing your antique canteens under a correct category. That will attract more visitors to your canteen auction listings.

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Customer Comments & Questions
  1. By Tom Evans

    I have a canteen with cover that is stamped on the outside with what looks like “64030″ or maybe “G4030″ on one side and “U.S.” on the other. On the inside flap it is clearly stamped “PROGRESSIVE DEC. 1917″. The canteen is stamped “U.S. L.F.&C. 1918″.

    Can you tell me anything more about this canteen? Thanks much!

    Commented on July 30th, 2009
  2. By Christina

    i just bought a canteen at an estate sale, i think its ww1 coz it says 1918. on the inside flap of the fabric cover it says “long 12-17″ and i dont want to sell it or anything i just want to know what it means

    Commented on April 30th, 2010
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